This module provides a way to rename (ie. change) dependencies and values of an instance of a different module. It wraps another, module whose name is specified in params.module and changes the names of the dependencies and values it relies on.


  • module (string, required) - name of the wrapped module

  • params (dict[string -> any], optional): parameters passed to the wrapped module instance.

  • rename_takes (dict[string -> string]) - mapping for inputs (“takes”)

  • rename_produces (dict[string -> string]) - mapping for outputs (“products”)

  • rename_values (dict[string -> string]) - mapping for values

In the three mapping dicts, keys represent the names visible to the wrapped module and values represent the names visible to the modules outside. Not specifying a mapping for a given entry will leave it with its original name.


All values specified for this modules will be accessible by the wrapped module.

Extra notes

This module might be removed in the future in favor of a native renaming support.