Since May 2022, packages providing Architecture Definition assets do not include CLI utilities/wrappers to interact with Yosys, Verilog-to-Routing, etc. For backwards compatibility, end-users can install Python package f4pga from gh:chipsalliance/f4pga. For instance: pip install

F4PGA Architecture Definitions


This project contains documentation of various FPGA architectures, it is currently concentrating on;

  • Lattice

    • iCE40

    • ECP5

  • AMD/Xilinx

    • Series 7 (Artix, Kintex and Zynq)

  • QuickLogic

    • EOS-S3

    • QLF-K4N8

The aim is to include useful documentation (both human and machine readable) on the primitives and routing infrastructure for these architectures. We hope this enables growth in the open source FPGA tools space.

The project includes;

  • Black box part definitions

  • Verilog simulations

  • Verilog To Routing architecture definitions

  • Documentation for humans