The main goal of the X-Ray Project is to provide information about Xilinx 7-Series FPGA internals. All obtained chip data is stored in the project’s database and is used by the Architecture Definitions project to produce a bitstream for the chosen 7-Series FPGA chip.

The database files are generated by the fuzzers and are located in the database directory. Each supported chip architecture has its own set of files, which are located in database/<device_arch>/. The database can be quite huge, however it consists only of a few file types. Some of them are common for the whole 7-Series architecture, but some of them are part specific.

Files common for whole 7-Series family:

  • mask_*

  • ppips_*

  • segbits_*

  • site_type_*

  • tile_type_*

  • timings/*

The files specific to a given part are located in a separate directory which is named after the FPGA part name i.e xc7a35tcpg236-1 or xc7a50tfgg484-1.

Files specific for the particular FPGA part:

  • package_pins.csv

  • part.json

  • part.yaml

  • tileconn.json

  • tilegrid.json